Why 'Issly Wissly Alphabets'?

The most widely accepted approach in teaching handwriting to pre-school children is to use dotted letters with arrows and numbered steps representing the logical flow. Such method is a challenge in itself, as it requires for the child to understand the languages of arrows and numbers, in order to interpret how to go in executing correctly the alphabets’ tracing.

However, Issly Wissly is based on the instinct of "following". For example, if you hold an object of interest in front of a few months old baby and move it to either left or right, he/she will instinctively follow it with his/her eyes. Engage a toddler that is barely able to run in a ball game. Roll the ball in front of him/her she/he will be able to run after it while focusing his/her eyes on it. If it hits an obstacle and changes course, he/she will be able to change direction to keep up with it. Issly Wissly Alphabets tap on this ability by providing a lead in the form of a balloon that would constantly direct and engage along the whole trajectory. It is intended not to be too restrictive in the margin and space the user has; to allow for good marginal strays that may serve in the incremental progress and break the seriousness of the practice.

What is the goal of 'Issly Wissly Alphabets'?

The complexity of learning handwriting stems from the fact that it is an aggregated task of coordination of the hand movement with a good grip of the pencil/pen and a good posture to trace on a predefined trajectory of letters. Issly Wissly Alphabets provide a creative way of teaching the logical flow that forms the trajectory of each letter while tracing with finger as first step.
As confidence grows, the next step could be the use of stylus as this will introduce the tracing with an object that would mimic the tracing with a physical pen/pencil. This in turn, leaves out just the practice with a pencil and paper that would enhance and refine the quality of the handwriting while focusing on teaching a good pencil grip and correct sitting posture.


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